Oh Boy! Oberto Natural Style Turkey Jerky, Teriyaki

Natural style (made from solid strips of premium turkey breast). Natural smoke flavor added. Soft & tender. No preservatives. High in protein (12 grams per serving). Great taste! More tender! Thank you for purchasing the best natural style (made from solid strips of premium turkey breast) turkey jerky, Oh Boy! Oberto - America's no. 1 favorite, great tasting jerky! It's made from premium turkey breast, seasoned and smoked using Oberto family recipes, to deliver a one-of-a-kind, great tender taste you expect. The Oberto Family began making fine quality meats in 1918, and the family continues making them today. Under the guidance of Art Oh Boy! Oberto and his family, you can be assured they will always produce the very best jerky you can buy. We hope you have as much fun eating our jerky as we had making it. - Art Oh Boy Oberto.