Jackson's Cookies Vanilla 11oz

With a light vanilla flavor and a just-right crunch, Jackson's Old Fashioned Vanilla Wafers are an easy-to-love choice for kids and adults. Prepare for sweet cravings whenever they strike by stashing a bag in your desk at work, in your lunchbox at school, in your cupboard at home, and in your tote while you're traveling. One of the most versatile sweets around, Jackson’s Vanilla Wafers can be incorporated into countless delectable homemade desserts. Add Jackson's Vanilla Wafers to a classic chilled banana pudding, make your pie irresistible to guests with a crushed-wafer crust, or sprinkle them on top of an after-dinner ice cream treat for enhanced taste and texture. Jackson's Vanilla Wafers are so tasty and lovable, you may even want to share them with friends and family in care packages, goodie bags, or gift baskets. Whether you're dressing up your favorite dessert or just grabbing a handful for a quick snack, you'll enjoy the simple goodness of Jackson's Vanilla Wafers. Crispy, sweet, and delicious; A tasty snack right out of the bag and classic ingredient in many favorite desserts Baked to crisp perfection and loaded with irresistible vanilla flavor; A family-favorite treat that pleases both kids and adults Product of the USA; Kosher; Contains wheat, soy, egg, and milk ingredients; May contain tree nuts Great for homemade puddings and pie crusts; Makes for a tasty bite at home, school, and on the go; Pack into lunchboxes, totes, and backpacks Includes 1, 11-ounce bag of ready-to-eat wafer cookies; Packaged for freshness and great taste