Little Debbie Turtle Brownies, Caramel Peanuts & Fudge Topping

New! Individually wrapped. Specialty recipe. Why are Little Debbie Turtle Brownies so delicious and special? Turtle Brownies deliver a 1,2,3 punch of chocolate flavor, caramel & peanuts that is out of this world! 1. Little Debbie has crafted its Turtle Brownies with a special mix of cocoa to create the yummy brownie batter. Made from cocoa beans that are primarily grown in Africa and South America and elsewhere around the world, our cocoa mix gives Turtle Brownies a bit global twist. 2. Using only the best ingredients, we mix caramel from scratch. This creates that beloved golden brown color with hints of amber and a salty-smooth taste that is perfect with chocolate. 3. Crunchy roasted peanut pieces are the last key ingredient in Little Debbie Turtle Brownies. Little Debbie bakers insist on buying the best peanuts available. The peanuts in Turtle Brownies are all-American peanuts known for their sustainability and nutrition.