McCormick Brown Gravy Mix - 30% Less Sodium

Perfect for holiday and everyday meals, this smooth, hearty gravy is delicious served over roast beef, prime rib, mashed potatoes, stuffing and hot beef sandwiches. Made with McCormick herbs and spices, it contains 30% less sodium than our original brown gravy mix. McCormick Less Sodium Brown Gravy Seasoning Mix is so easy to prepare ̶ just mix 1 package with a cup of water and simmer for 1 minute for a rich and savory make-ahead brown gravy. This mix contains no added MSG* or artificial flavors, so you can pour it over mom's famous meatloaf or mashed potatoes knowing you're serving your family the very best. Our Brown Gravy Seasoning Mix also makes a great meal starter for pot roast, casseroles and beef stew. *except those naturally occurring glutamates