Wonder® Giant Enriched Bread 24 Oz. Loaf

Soft. Delicious. Nutritious. An American classic. Reason to Wonder: Since 1921, Wonder bread has been bringing delicious tasting, soft textured bread to the table and pleasing generations of families in the process! There are more than a hundred reasons to love Wonder. Here are just a couple we thought you might agree with. Reason no. 33: Those delightful balloons (did you know they were inspired by hot air balloons?). Reason no. 01: Cuz yum! Reason no. 47: Soft like a pillow (and just as dreamy). Reason no. 22: Grilled cheese! Reason no. 12: Our colors: Red, White and Blue - & Yellow Reason no. 84: Indianapolis born, American bread. Reason no. 76: Best thing since sliced bread (and actually one of the first sliced breads ever commercially available). Go ahead, toast it, top it and enjoy whatever way you like! Feed you jot! Since 1921. From French toast to effort effortless sandwich creations, delicious wonder bread is loved by the whole family. Stock up on delicious bread for after school snacks. Soft, white and as wholesome as childhood itself.