Wonder Hamburger Buns, Classic, Extra Soft 8 Ea

Wonder® Classic Hamburger Buns are must-haves on your list of picnic supplies, cookout essentials and BBQ party supplies. Soft, fluffy and delicious, Wonder hamburger buns have an unbeatable taste that will satisfy the whole family. These sandwich buns are yummy to pair with classic burger patties, grilled chicken, sloppy joes, veggie burgers and more. Wonder burger buns make all your creations effortless, and are a low-fat food and cholesterol-free food. Feed your joy with Wonder! Since 1921, Wonder has been bringing delicious tasting, soft textured bread to the table and pleasing generations of families in the process! Today, Wonder is still enjoyed by millions of Americans across the nation, where it’s packed in lunchboxes, served in restaurants and craved by those young and old.