Edwards Cash Saver, We are known for the money you keep!

Edwards Cash Saver is a cost plus food outlet, a whole new way to save on your groceries. We do not require a membership card. We just buy groceries at the best price possible and add 10% at the register.

Cost + 10% Formula

Every item is priced at our cost to get the product from the source to the shelf, then we add just 10% at the checkout. The result is guaranteed overall lowest prices in the area and you don’t need a shopper’s card or have to pay a membership fee to save.

Cash Saver Promise

How we do it?

We keep the cost of operating our stores low with lower rent, no fancy decor, and less advertising. In addition to our every day low prices, you will find specially marked “WOW! Get it now! Items.” But don’t miss out on these special purchases, because when they’re gone, they’re gone.

  • You will never have to sacrifice quality at Cash Saver to save money. In addition to all the national brands you trust, we have our own Best Choice and Always Save private labels that are widely recognized for great quality and value.
  • Our produce is triple inspected- at the field, at the distribution center, and in our store.that are widely recognized for great quality and value.
  • We carry Certified Angus Beef because it is simply the best Angus beef available. Only 8% of all beef meets the brand's high-quality standards - standards that exceed USDA Prime, Choice and Select.
  • We offer Swift Premium Guaranteed Tender Pork.
  • We also offer 100% Natural Sanderson Farms Chicken.
  • And we back it all up with 100% money back guarantee.
Be A Cash Saver!

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